Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Social Media in the Medical Profession

There is some risk involved with making use of social media, given that what is posted on the web continues being completely available for men and women's perusing. Consider how many times a physician makes decisions that carry risk for a patient's health. One particular canon of medicine is that you occasionally have to take a risk for the greater good.

The same holds true in the world of social media. As a medical professional, you can either continue down the same well used path that keeps you out of social media and away from potential patients.

The alternative course is to embrace the use of social media sites in order to get the word out to patients, and to join in the chat that's taking place right now online. By making using of social networking sites as a tool, you can amplify the amount of good you can do, both for your patients and also yourself, as well as the medical profession as a whole.

Posted by Joel Canter

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ten "Don'ts" in Social Media Marketing

1. Neglecting to Determine Your ROI
You'll never understand how successfully your targets are being realized should you neglect to measure them. Surveying the rate of return (ROI) in regard to a social media advertising and marketing initiative is the first step toward establishing your company communication throughout the social media world.

2. A Belated Reply to Customer Worries
33% of the consumers that contact your business through the medium of a social media website are trying to find an answer 30 minutes after asking you a question. Another 25% of your audience want this fast of a response, even when their request is actually made during traditionally non-business hours.

Prior to gearing up for a social media presence by your business you had better enhance the speed of your company's customer service response. A couple of Internet approaches available for assisting in the monitoring of online patrons are a paid service entitled SproutSocial, or a free service called Hootsuite.

3. Discounting Negative Social Media Reviews
It's never smart to overlook poor reviews submitted about your business; an even worse practice is to erase negative social media posts. Genuine explanations, with humility, coupled with a plan of action to correct past inadequacies by your company, are without a doubt the most effective answers to unpleasant remarks.

4. Running Social Media Marketing by the Seat of Your Pants
Various professionals arbitrarily produce social media posts as things arise, a better approach is to design a complete social media marketing plan with definable targets. Then, daily posts can be effectively written to adhere to the strategy, that was preplanned by you for your business.

5. Lack of Establishing Procedures for Managing a Social Media Presence
To put a positive appearance in the public's eye, consider determining the following social media essentials:

• Set standards for the official tone of the notifications emerging out of your business.
• Choose what style of visuals your company will implement and how.
• Determine styles along with subjects suitable that one may represent your company.
• Institute an update frequency ... every week, twice monthly, every other day, or even daily.
• Figure out which employee(s) are in charge in regard to social media updates.

6. Write the Same Article on All Social Media Sites
The manner of your message ought to change as much as the various social media websites differ from each other.  Reposting the same content to all of your social media accounts means you're not adopting the subject matter for each individual social media channel. It also means your message isn't as effective as you need it to be in order to connect with your audience.

7. Treating Social Media Posts like They Are Ads
Don't turn your social media posts into advertisements for your business. Rather, encourage followers with information which is valuable to them. It will need to be enlightening, appealing, and informal.

8. Fail to Invite an Exchange of Ideas.
You're not there to make announcements. Your viewers wishes to become involved. So, don't ever broadcast your business. Rather, welcome an interaction of thoughts.

9. There are No Followers to Your Social Media Posts
Great planning & properly mentioning areas that spark your target market's intrigue is a method to developing a substantial following.

10. Social Media Updates Don't Happen
Regularly write new updates. If you're not there, you're forgotten.

Posted by Joel Canter

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Utilizing Impactful Video to Enhance Social Media Campaigns

Ordinarily, a major part of online marketing is routed to the written word, and it currently does work in a number of social media sites with regard to specific businesses. On the other hand, the social media community contains several members that utilize a much more visual approach. In case you're marketing on YouTube, you better be fluent around the world of video. And, why not use video? Frequently a visual marketing concept can introduce humor and a really solid message, much like the ad Mike Dubin generated for his Dollar Shave Club YouTube advertising initiative. You, too, could make use of visual marketing and advertising in order to boost your company's bottom line, but it's best to assess whether a visual or text approach works best for the target market you intend to attract.

When you're major target market is in North America, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are without a doubt your leading social media avenues. But, if your aim is actually in China, your social network of choice is definitely the Chinese social media network, Qzone. Target the Slavic-speaking populaces and your best social media selection is VKontakte (VK), which means "in touch".

Throughout all of these social media platforms, marketers who utilize visuals together with their messages enhance traffic by 12 percent, according to Heidi Cohen, an online marketing specialist.

That being said, marketing choices go deeper than merely adding graphics. You should first answer the question, "What exactly is the most suitable style of content concerning my audience?" Advertising agencies boast that incorporating graphics increases total views by nearly 100 percent. It goes without saying that a vacation website selling scuba excursions in Hawaii is definitely going to see better numbers by having photographs in their message on Instagram or Pinterest.

Visuals aren't always compelling. Marketing to accountancy firms may be more effective in the written form on Facebook, where the sharing of text is generally preferred. Want more insightful tips....