Saturday, May 16, 2015

Staying In Front of the Curve With Social Media

Let's face it, technology is consistently evolving and social media sites, and apps, are no strangers to quick adaptation. In a world where information changes by the minute it's vital to stay ahead of the curve and not get left behind in yesterday's bug fix.

It's 2015 and social networks and platforms are are continuously changing and adjusting to boost or simplify the end user's experience. That's terrific from a user's standpoint, but as a place of business what are the very best methods to stay relevant, stay in front of your customer, and make sure you're using the most current trends?

Get Mobile.
Everybody is going mobile and if the functions of a site or app isn't mobile friendly over fifty percent of the visitors will go elsewhere immediately. With the growing number of smartphones and tablets, an expanding variety of individuals are using these as their primary internet access device. Companies both large and small are beginning to implement a sleek, responsive design to accommodate mobile devices. This is not simply an accommodation, it's a requirement since it's the future style of the internet. Mobile has already become the default way the web is viewed by most users online, and the look of the web is only going to follow suit. Redesign not only your website for mobile functionality but additionally make your social media articles mobile friendly by keeping them brief and sharp.

Get Specific.
Gone are the days where viewers will accept a blanket answer for their questions. They want facts and the want details and they don't like to read a load of text to get the answers. We live in an age where nobody needs to ever wonder about anything, the truth is always at our fingertips. With the correct SEO and keywords in your social media posts you can drive the ideal type of identified traffic directly to your website.

Be a Star.
This year Google modified their formula yet again to focus more on websites with rating features. Heck, they also have their very own rating system now as well! They understood that consumers are more likely to trust their peers if it comes to buying over the internet rather than someone, or some company, seeking to sell them products. The general public has the tendency to trust the experiences other people who have already done what they are wanting to do, like buy a lamp on Within seconds a customer can tell if the company is respectable based upon their reviews.

Be More Analytic.
With so many new networks coming out and escalating costs for advertising or memberships, you should be sure what is doing the trick and what is not. Social marketing is coming to be more measurable and a lot of social media platforms have integrated tracking abilities. Google Analytics isn't the only tracker on the web anymore, Wordpress Stats and Facebook Insights provide great information for you to better understand your audience demographic.

Keeping in front of social media is always a moving target, but using these tips you must be able to keep up quite effectively and make sure you are getting to your target market.

JHG Media can help manage your social media and keep you ahead of the curve.

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