Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Earn Your Audience with Social Media

Change occurs quickly in the realm of social media marketing (SMM) and what once were commonplace practices are now things of the past. Supporting blog entries, purchasing a position for search engine results, or placing an advertisement on Facebook are SMM activities of the past.

In his book entitled Earn It. Don't Buy It, Jim Tobin suggests that you get further anytime you earn your recognition via social media websites then if you try to buy the same results. For advice on successfully employing social media marketing to your benefit in today's online world, here's what Tobin suggests:.

• Don't Waste Your Time Buying Facebook Advertisements.
• Brands Call for Influencers, Not Advocates.
• Numbers Might be Deceiving.
• Social Media is Undoubtedly Changing.

You gain more prominence in the social media realm when you involve your customers, instead of buying their trust. If future and current customers share ideas with you and their friends, they come to be owners of the ideas associated with your brand, not merely viewers of it. In a sense, you gain a huge promotion and marketing division by means of social media dialogues in which participants affect your brand. That's where viral marketing aids your business.

If you earn customers by means of social media online sites using these techniques, you're much further ahead than you are if you invest in a Facebook ad that yields you a 0.04 percent click-through rate. Of course, these types of strategies cost time and money. Do you want a better return on your social media marketing dollar?

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